Why Choose Us

Nobody wants to settle for the second best when it comes to developing their property. One of the most important decisions you will ever make is what to do with your land. The most important decision you must make as a landowner is selecting a developer. We want you to make an educated decision based on the following criteria:

Reputation, goodwill, and past history: We have completed more than 150 well known projects in Dhaka of residential and commercial projects. We are known for handing over projects in record time. A delay in handover means a loss not only for our cherished clients but for our reputation as well. So, we try our level best not to delay any handovers.

Reliability: Credit rating is the capacity of an organization to execute its financial obligations in full and by the due dates. H.I. Technology & Properties Ltd. is one of the few developers in Bangladesh to be rated AA+ by Credit Rating Agencies as a result of its excellent business practices and prudent financial management.

Back-up support: We always place the Landowner first. We appreciate their desires, requirements, and preferences. We provide all types of services for multiple years after the construction of our building.

Quality of Work: We pride ourselves on the fact that we never compromise on quality or safety. Our finishing is one of the best. Our engineering, design and construction teams are some of the most experienced in the country. We incorporate all design safety factors. We never compromise on quality and safety and that is why our apartments are so sought after.  

Appearance and Amenities: Our buildings are always outstanding to look at. We have tried to introduce new concepts and features in all our projects. Double height entrances, high ceilings, grade lobbies, landscaped roofs.

Legal Procedures: A Deed of Agreement will be executed between the Landowner and the Developer incorporating all terms and Conditions. An Irrevocable Registered General Power at Attorney shall be provided by the landowner to the Developer, which is to be approved by the concerned authority.

Experience: We have over 18+ years of experience in the construction and real estate sector that cannot be matched by any other developer.